albeit reluctantly i will have to thank Facebook for this post. some things go unseen elsewhere. late night, bi weekly Facebook check had me notice Tumelo Meropa’s post about this simple pretty fashion film for CWS of cape town. look see.

CWB - CTS - JOHNSON from Ben Johnson on Vimeo.

Crazy White Bitches is a collaborative clothing sale that happens every few weeks in Cape Town. We provide cool, hard-to-find clothes, shoes and accessories at affordable prices. Clothing is also available for rental. Contact us at:”

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PROCESS - Natalija Mencej

Ukraine born CSM graduate Natalija Mencej made a WOW at her grad year show. What walked the runway was had me smirking but its her workbook, her process and narrative that really has me smiling.

what inspired her was the story of a boy …

an orphan, who has only his attitude and a desire to be someone in life. He wants to be real cool, visible, memorable and unique.”

quick read interview about her path, knit bling and hip hop at

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She’s my first HANNA
perfect in one of my favourite films
and one of my favourite characters in a film

thank you for reminding me

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John Phalane of ga mamabolo polokwane. something about bapedi and topography ? cc:moshekwa langa

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The Rand Club April 13th 2012
Chloe Coetzee’s 30th
The Billiards Room

kudzi chiurai and brett rubin

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little planes, stonetown to dar

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breakfast in stonetown

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yesterday’s sunset

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i found the The musical instruments of native races in southern africa by percival r kirby in the dungeons of the SABC while doing some research. don’t let the title put you off. the images are simply amazing. i am not sure when they were taken as some look 1900s [70s collar on image one] and some look 1800s.

This is the first batch of images from the book that grabbed me. time travel photo story.

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a boy from stonetown in his faded aqua jeans with purple pockets and print top.

everyday at sunset most of stonetown heads to the beachfront. the tourists sip on kilimanjaro, sun bathers bask, the girls take a dip and the teenage boys gawk at the bare skin of expat women in sarongs. they play, and run and kick and gawk.

there is nothing more beautiful than beautiful black people enjoying a beautiful beach at sunset. this is some of the beauty i saw

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I look through my father’s things often. this is what i found this sunday

leather, worn, beautiful….his things.


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